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Women are definitely beautiful flowers of life. In VITEC, each female staff is always cherished and recorded their efforts by BOD. On occasion of Vietnamese Women Association (October 20th, 1930 – October 20, 2020), VITEC has held a private party at Sentosa restaurant for female staff. This is a company’s special gift for the ladies this time.
The great contributions of women have played an important part in the present success of VITEC. And the “solid rear” is increasingly affirming its role in the strong development of VITEC. In addition to being “good at office work while still managing home chores” as a good wife, a mother and a colleague, women in VITEC are also the “idols” of men in the company.

As a result, on the occasion of October 20, VITEC brothers had spent much of their time and efforts to take sisters by surprise to show their gratitude to the lovely colleagues.

Their plan had been “stealthily” conducted from October 19. They had designed, printed, prepared flowers and gifts, etc. After a hardworking day, all male VITEC's staff still carefully packed gifts, hanging images. Every they did for one purpose, that were to bring a surprised and happy Women’s Day to all VITEC's women staff.

On occasion of Vietnamese Women Association, VITEC has held a private party at Sentosa restaurant for female staff . 
Joining the exciting atmosphere of the celebration, Mr. Vu Kim Cuong - Director of  the company  on behalf of the Board of Directors and male colleagues in the Company sent the best wishes to the ladies, appreciate the spirit of hard work, relentless efforts and important contributions of the women to the development of the Company over the past time. He shared: “Last time, although facing many difficulties, the sisters in the Company have made great efforts, stood side by side with the Board of Directors to overcome difficulties and challenges to achieved great results. In today's modern life, in any position, female employees of the Company in particular and Vietnamese women in general promote the great traditions of Vietnamese women who deserve to be dynamic woman, good at housework, business work in the integration period of industrialization and modernization”.

Our BOD representative, Mr Vu Kim Cuong – Director has sent his thanks as well as wishes to our ladies

In addition, Mr. Hoang Minh Dao - Deputy director also represented the best wishes to the women and thanks for their contributions to the overall development of the Company and expressed their desire to continue promoting their capabilities to successfully complete the work tasks, become a strong support for the brothers VITEC as well as fulfilling the role of women in the family and society.

Mr Hoang Minh Dao – Deputy Director has sent his thanks as well as wishes to our ladies

Responding to the wishes of the Board of Directors, On behalf of all women in the company in general, Mrs. Dinh Thi Hoa - Chief Accountant expressed her emotion to the speech of Mr. Vu Kim Cuong. Also in the ceremony, female staff of the Company sent deep thanks to the Board of Directors, male colleagues for their interest, encouragement and encouragement to help them feel excited and complete. successful work and at the same time promised to try harder to achieve high results in the work, as well as unified to create an open and united VITEC culture.


              All female staff take a picture with Board of Directors and Union president

                                                        VITEC's "single lady"

At the party, every woman in VITEC was very proud and happy when a group of handsome men presented them flowers and gifts with sweet wishes
Wishing women in the VITEC family in particular and Vietnamese women in general always young, beautiful, happy and successful.

Some photos at the party:

​Thu Hương
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