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Senior Technical Engineer (Lương Khởi Điểm 12-18 Triệu/tháng)

Published: 10:52 10/05/2019
VITEC thành lập từ 2005 tại Hà Nội, hiện tại hoạt động trong lĩnh vực cung cấp thiết bị và tích hợp giải pháp viễn thông và IT networking, chuyên sâu về các hệ thống thông tin vô tuyến bộ đàm, hệ thống camera giám sát CCTV, mạng LAN, hệ thống truyền dữ liệu vô tuyến, các hệ thống viễn thông trong nhà máy, khu công nghiệp…
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VITEC sharing the joy of the Full Moon Festival together with employees

Published: 16:45 09/17/2019
For every Vietnamese, the Full Moon Festival is the second most important event after Lunar New Year. It is a special occasion during which people strengthen their relationship with others. Sharing the joy of the Full Moon Festival together with employees has been an activity widely prevalent at many company. Gifting moon cakes, the symbol of the Full Moon Festival, to our employees is an element of Viet Tien investment and technology JSC’ culture since many years.
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Tuyển dụng Kế toán trưởng (Lương hấp dẫn, tại Thành Thái, Cầu giấy, HN)

Published: 13:34 09/13/2019
Nhiệm vụ chính: Chịu trách nhiệm về toàn bộ công việc của bộ phận kế toán. 01 năm kinh nghiệm. Lương hấp dẫn
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Published: 10:54 08/20/2019
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Exciting “ADG OPEN Football cup 2019”

Published: 17:48 07/02/2019
The tournament took place from 15/06 to 22/06 on the Centre of culture, sports Hoang Mai District’ s stadium, participated by some teams such as Pico, Infonet, VITEC, Tien Tuu, CDC..
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VITEC Held Birthday Party to Staff Members in June

Published: 09:33 06/29/2019
Happy birthday VITEC staff, who was born in June
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An unforgettable vacation of VITEC: We change together - We win together

Published: 15:04 06/27/2019
From May,29 to June 1, 2019, Viet Tien investment and Technology JSC has organized an exciting vacation for all officers and employees and their families in the city of Danang. The most anticipated event of this vacation is the night Gala dinner exchange “We change together – We win together”.
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Changing office announment

Published: 17:35 06/15/2019
First of all, Viet Tien Investment and Technology Jsc would like to solemnly send you our warmest greetings and express our gratitude for your continuous support during the past time. Throughout our 14 years of development, we have been trying our best to provide our clients with high quality workers with splendid quantity for their projects worldwide. The year 2019 may bring many difficulties ahead but as a strong team, we truly believe that we will overcome. 15th June, 2019 has…
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Holidays Announcement (Hung Kings' Commemoration Day - Independence Day 30th April - International Labor Day 1st May

Published: 14:41 04/10/2019
Holiday Notice
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