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Canopy T1/E1 Multiplexer

Manufactory: Motorola Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available The T1/E1 Multiplexer converts the data stream from T1/E1 ports into Ethernet packets that are then transported over the Canopy BH link. This device can be used to extend T1/E1 services. You can configure the Canopy T1/E1 Multiplexer to operate as either a T1 or an E1 device.
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The cost of leased lines is a substantial recurring expense for service providers and enterprise customers alike. The economic benefit of replacing leased lines with a Canopy T1/E1 Multiplexer translates into cost savings for the enterprise and a business opportunity for the service provider. The ease and speed of deploying the wireless T1/E1 solution across the Canopy family of backhaul solutions is a significant advantage over the time it takes to order and provision wired T1/E1 services.


The Canopy T1/E1 Multiplexer is designed to replace leased lines in a broad array of applications which include:

  • Branch office PBX and Ethernet connectivity
  • Internet Service Providers can now offer both legacy voice and data connectivity
  • Cellular base-station backhaul
  • Central Office T1/E1 Extension
  • Disaster recovery applications, such as Home-land security, for quickly establishing emergency T1/E1 voice and data networks
  • Combined voice, data, video conferencing for corporations, municipalities, schools and in medical application
  • Long distance trunking / tie-line applications 

By slashing the cost of monthly leased lines, enterprise owners can realize a full return on their investment within months, while also gaining access to data connectivity. Metropolitan corporate PBX networks dependent on costly T1/E1 leased lines to connect within a campus or with suburban/rural locations, can now reap huge savings by establishing a wireless voice and data connection. In addition, service providers can open new markets to increase revenue by offering wireless T1/E1 replacement services along with LAN data to remote areas.


  • Highly scalable multi-port design upgrades one-port at a time up to a total of 4 T1's or E1's
  • Dedicated T1/E1 service with remaining bandwidth available for dat
  • Voice and LAN Data Aggregation of one to four T1/E1’s over Canopy backhaul family
  • Transparent T1/E1 line extension over Ethernet (TDMoE)
  • Optimized for latency sensitive voice traffic over the Canopy family of dedicated point-to-point wireless backhaul products
  • Table Top or 19” rack mountable
  • Plug and Play Operation via software configurable GUI for T1 or E1 configuration and port additions 


The economic benefits of deploying a Canopy T1/E1 solution include the following:

  • Operational savings by replacing existing T1 or E1 leased lines with a wireless link
  • Lower capital investment by deploying a scalable platform that grows with your needs
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