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Covert Earpieces - PROFILO NANO

Manufacturer: Phonak Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available Roger Covert C is a secret wireless headset, has a dedicated mic for radios, phones. The product is integrated with the most advanced technology, which helps eliminate noise, prevent frequency interference on wireless transmission. Special design helps completely disguise in front of objects.
Order: Covert Earpieces - PROFILO NANO
The main characteristics of the product:
  • Ultra-small, hides comfortably in the ear
  • Device is ideal for people working in environments where secrecy is key
  •  Eliminate electromagnetic interference from surrounding devices and systems
  • Using adaptive frequency hopping technology helps to prevent frequency interference on wireless transmission
  • Use secure encryption in all wireless connections (Bluetooth and Radio)
  • Dual microphone with high sensitivity helps eliminate noise completely, helping clear sound
  • Ability to work with phones, radios that support Bluetooth
  • There are many dedicated connectivity options that make it possible to work with a variety of radios on the market
  • There are many of microphone cord length options to suit different camouflage options
Thông số kỹ thuật

Roger Earpiece C:
  • Dimension (D) 18 mm
  • Weight: 1.3g (cả pin)
  • Maximum volume: 100 dB(A) SPL
  • Transmission technology: 2.4 Ghz, frequency hopping adaptation
  • Encryption: AES 128 bit
  • Operating time (battery): >12h

Roger Covert C:
  • Dimension (DxWxH): 92 x 56 x 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Battery: 1050mAh

Roger Remote C:
  • Dimension (DxWxH): 62 x 40 x 11 mm
  • Weight: 22 g
  • Battery: CR2032
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