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Interactive WhiteBoard

Manufactory: Motorola Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available IPBOARD is a solid-state, impact-resistant interactive whiteboard combined with the PC and projector. It adopts the latest advanced and practical electromagnetic sensing technology. Operated by an electronic pen, the board can detect the writing and drawing position on the surface quickly and accurately, and send that information back to the PC simultaneously.
Order: Interactive WhiteBoard
Hardware Features:
  • Adopt the Electromagnetic Induction Technology for quick and accurate response. 
  • The board surface uses low-reflection, anti-glare material to eliminate bright spot and provide fantastic projection effect. 
  • The board is anti-abrasion, anti-chemical erosion for a longer product life. 
  • The board has shock and vibration resistance function with solid-state, and operation is unaffected by surface damage. 
  • Customized hot keys available for convenient operation. 
  • Quick and easy USB cable connection to PC 
  • No external power is needed. 
  • Different size and different fix-up modes are available.
  • Erasable and inerasable board surface are available.

Software Features
  • Electronic pen can replace the mouse and chalk, and provides the double-click & right-click function; 
  • Adopt 6 points orientation technology to guarantee accurate writing and operation; 
  • Four working modes are available for various circumstances: Control Mode, Window Mode, Annotation Mode, and Full Screen Mode; 
  • Practical functions. In addition to writing and drawing, our software provides other practical function for classroom-teaching and business- presentation;  
  • Abundant teaching resources. The software of IPBOARD provides abundant and colorful teaching resource, covering arts, geography, history, mathematics, science and technology etc. 
  • Insert external resource from your need. Users can insert external resource such as images, flash, and video etc as they need, and establish a customized database. 
  • Free update periodically. The software will be updated periodically, and be provided for our users for free. 
  • Stable performance, low failure rate and easy maintenance
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