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Lightning Protection Unit

Manufactory: Motorola Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available The Motorola wi4 Fixed Point-to-Point Lightning Protection Unit (PTP-LPU) is a device that is designed to protect a Motorola PTP radio from the harmful effects of power surges induced in the cables by nearby lightning strikes
Order: Lightning Protection Unit
The PTP-LPU is a high-speed, high-current solid state device that is enclosed in a rugged metal enclosure to withstand rain, snow, ice and winds up to 150 mph (242 kph). Although housed in a metal enclosure, the cost-effective unit is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport and install. The projected operational life of a PTP-LPU is 10 years, even when continually exposed to the elements.
Each PTP radio requires two Lightning Protection Units, one installed on the wall, tower or mast adjacent to the radio and one installed at the cable entry point of the building in which the network resides. While lightning damage is covered under the Motorola Link Guard Extended Warranty with All-Risk Coverage, the warranty covers only the hardware replacement costs. Therefore, it is recommended that each PTP radio be fitted with a PTP-LPU to protect the units from damage and to eliminate the costs and delays associated with taking down damaged radios and installing replacement units. Prior to deploying a PTP-LPU, refer to the relevant installation data sheets that are provided with each PTP-LPU.
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