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Manufacturer: Phonak Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available Primero is a complete communication solution for public safety teams to transmit and receive information. The entire system is merged in one single earpiece. Primero delivers superior audio quality and is very reliable and robust to handle the demands of everyday, all-day usage. It provides optimal intelligibility by employing technologies such as VIP (Voice Intra-aural Pick-up) and BSS (Blind Source Separation) which apply active noise- canceling algorithms to ambient noise and elimination of echoes. primero sets new standards. It is fully compatible to all professional portable radios.
Order: Primero
To design a headset which maintains speech intelligibility on one hand, doesn’t interfere with any headgear on the other, and is of very small size in addition, our engineers met the challenge by merging all functionalities in one single earpiece. One inner and one outer microphone within primero provide the sophisticated electronics with the required signals. primero is especially useful in circumstances where clear communications in hazardous environments is needed and obstructive headgear makes the operation even more difficult.
Key Features:

Type: In ear boomless headset with VIP and DSP technology
 Size: Universal ergonomical shape for optimal comfort and secure fit (left & right)
Frequency response: 300Hz … 3’600Hz
Max volume: @ 1 kHz, automatically limited 103 dB SPL(*)
Length of cable (box to earpiece): 100 cm
Length of cable (box to PTT): 125 cm (2-Key PTT), 120 cm (Fingering PTT2), 80 cm (PTT8)
Length of cable (box to radio): 55 cm
Color: Black
Weight (only earpiece): < 1.3 g
Storage temp: -10° C to + 65° C
Operating temp: 0° C to + 40° C
Power consumption of primero: < 5 mA
 Power Supply: Power supply from the radio requested (3.3 V…10 V)

 Standards: EN 301489-1 / EN 55022 / EN 55024
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