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Serenity DPC

Manufacturer: Phonak Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available This hearing protection radio system combines the level-dependent attenuation offered by Serenity DP with integrated radio communication, making it suitable for challenging environments in which loud noise fluctuates but crystal clear communication is always required
Order: Serenity DPC

Such environments include special intervention and rescue situations, shooting arenas, airports, mines, heavy industrial plants and more.

Features and benefits:

- Flexible connection to portable radios
- Automatic attenuation of all dangerous sounds (including rapid 'impulse' noises such as shots and crashes)
- Optimum hearing protection and perfect understanding during communications
- Natural hearing in quiet environments with adjustable ambient volume
- Transmission of speech but not surrounding noise
- Localization of warning signals

The Serenity DPC in-ear hearing protection system is fully modular, meaning its ear shells can easily be swapped and placed in any other Serenity system (except Serenity Classic).

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