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UltraSync for Motorola PTP 600

Manufactory: Motorola Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available Memorylink's UltraSync generates a precise, highly stable, proprietary sync signal to improve network performance on systems utilizing Motorola PTP 600 or Canopy and Coverage Extender components.
Order: UltraSync for Motorola PTP 600
It is the ideal solution to provide a cost-effective, reliable, high-stability timing reference for these radios, delivering significantly improved network performance and reliability. Use of the UltraSync minimizes timing drift and interference, providing higher resultant bandwidth and maximizing overall network performance. It is critical for a wireless network's efficiency when radios are used to transport time division multiplexed (TDM) data over a wireless link, and particularly in an area where multiple radios and channels are in use. UltraSync's high-quality components, including an active antenna which allows use in low-signal environments, and NEMA 4X and UL rated 508 outdoor enclosure, ensure reliable performance that meets the highest standards.
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